Rihanna Tour 2016 – Get Anti Tickets!

If you are Rihanna fan your day is about to get a lot more interesting! She will be going all over the globe to play shows for all of her adoring fans in 2016! Her shows are going to begin in North America in February in San Diego California. The last of her shows as far as the North American continent goes will be taking place in the beginning of May. We have the complete listing of dates right here on our website, so if you’re curious about some of her other destinations you’ll find all the information right here.

The name of her performances will be the anti-world tour. If you are in North America, there will be approximately a three month window in which she will be going all over the continent performing live. This gives you a lot of opportunities in order to catch one of her life shows. The reason that she is going on the road in 2016 is to support her still unreleased album Anti. She is going to be doing her best to get her fans educated about her brand-new music.

She isn’t going to stop at North America alone. After she is done playing concerts there, she is going to go over to Europe for two months. If you live in Europe and you are a fan of Rihanna, you will have a lot of opportunities to catch one of your favorite stars in person. There’s no reason why you couldn’t see her a few times either! What else are you going to do with the money anyway?

She won’t have only one opening act either. During different legs of her shows she is going to be bringing along different openers. When she plays shows in North America she is going to bring Travis Scott with her to perform as her opening act. When she goes to Europe in place shows there, she will have artists the Weeknd and Big Sean opening her shows for her. That means that each continent is going to have its own unique flavor and style for each show that Rihanna plays.

If you are curious how you can get tickets, the good news is that they are already available for sale. As early as November it was possible to pick up some tickets if you were a member of some certain services. As far as the every day public goes, tickets went on sale as of the beginning of December. So it’s not going to be too difficult to get your hands on some seats. You can simply Peru’s our list of dates and check out the prices of tickets for those locations and purchase one that fits your budget and schedule.

Her newest album Antiis certainly going to be a very interesting release. All the other albums that she released had extremely short recording times. In fact she would release a new album every year just a few years ago. She has taken quite a long time to put together her newest release Anti though. This album is probably going to have an all new sound, and it will also have a diverse range of tracks. She isn’t going to stick to one single genre this time around. This is an extremely exciting time for Rihanna fans. Not only do we get a brand-new album after a weight of several years, but we also all have the opportunity to see the all new Rihanna tour 2016.