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Tips for traveling in the smartest, safest and most economical way


Today no one, not even those living in apartments are free of a robbery. Therefore, it is okay to take certain measures. You can leave valuables where family members, lights and radio to think that there is someone at home, or if you have insurance, take an inventory of your belongings so you can claim later.

You can buy a hidden wallet to save your money and passport, and put it very close to you all the time. You can also use a rubber lock for the door of your room and you will feel safer at night. For all the fans of the purchases during the trips, many times they become torture to close the suitcase with the passage of the days.

With regard to the airport, the situation becomes stressful, as there is the need to put on 10 layers of clothing to be able to meet the maximum weight established per person. If this situation seems familiar, forget about the extra weight and send your purchases directly to your home country from the same store.

For this you have to pay an extra fee, but in many cases it will be worth it. In many clothing stores and supermarkets they sell container kits for shampoo, creams, toothpaste and other everyday products. These tubes are simply magical, and most important, weigh in total the same that you could weigh only one of those products in its normal version.

They will not be confiscated at the airport and the chances of it spilling into your suitcase and leaving everything sticky, are minor because of its small size. If you are an inexperienced traveler, then you have to pay close attention to this list.

It will get you out of trouble and make your experience far from home, something unique and addictive. Get ready to travel smart, safe economy with these incredible tips! You can prepare the trip in advance, jot down the best places to eat or sleep.

However, many times there are unforeseen and it is right in such situations when a phone or computer and internet, can become your most important tool. Important words in the local language, directions or the best panoramas to do on your personal screen.


Ways to keep your suitcase safe while Traveling


When not always in sight, we must find a way to ensure the best possible our luggage and personal belongings, a report on a television show showed how a passenger can become a burrier without knowing it when the ticket of his suitcase is removed and placed in another one that loads a large amount of drug inside once the luggage has been checked in the counter.

This leaves the traveler not only with a luggage that can be lost easily but also, in the worst case, with a high chance of having a bad time if the illegal content of the fake case is discovered.

Nobody is free of anything that happens to your luggage from this type of substitutions until theft.

That’s why we give you five recommendations to feel a little more calm when sending your suitcase to the cellar.

1. Take a picture with her
In the aforementioned report, the police recommend before taking the suitcase in the hands of the airline to take a picture next to the suitcase and that the check ticket number of the suitcase can be read. That way you will have a test when trying to prove which suitcase is yours in any uncomfortable situation.

2. Make it lining
In the airports there are people in charge of lining the bags with plastic as a way of protection in case they want to open or cut them. It is an expense that not many want to take but can be very useful. Think about it next time.

3. Choose a model without locks and keys
In a previous note we show you how easy it is to open a suitcase that is only protected with a padlock. Next time you go shopping for luggage, look for a model that has no zippers and is protected with a key. The luggage of a harder material and difficult to cut is another option.

4. Put some kind of detail that allows you to identify it easily
Identification tags on the suitcases are no longer enough to secure them. Hang some ribbon of a bright color or some sticker that makes it easier for you to recognize it. Not only will this save you time when picking up your luggage at your destination, but it will be easier to find it in case it is lost or there is some confusion.

5. Have a list of everything packed
Keep in your hand luggage a list of the things you have put in the suitcase that travels in the cellar and if possible, take a picture of the interior when you close it. In case you are robbed, you will be able to quickly realize or to be aware of some object that does not belong to you.


Jamaica is chosen as the Caribbeans best destination for the ninth consecutive year


Jamaican Tourism Director Paul Pennicook, Minister of Tourism, Honorable Dr. Wykeham McNeill and Vice President of Cruise and Marine Operations of the Port Authority of Jamaica, William Tatham, smile as they receive five of the many prizes awarded to Jamaica in the World Travel Awards.

Graham Cooke, President of the WTA made the presentation during the World Travel Market 2014 in London.Continuing its tradition, Jamaica and its tourism allies took home 27 major awards, including

  • Best Destination for Caribbean Cruises,
  • Best Caribbean Cruise Port (Ocho Rios),
  • Best Caribbean Airport (Sangster International Airport),
  • Best Caribbean Routes Operator,
  • Best Caribbean Adventure Tour (Dolphin Cove),
  • Best Caribbean Airport Lounge (Mobay Club),
  • Best Caribbean Conference and Meeting Center (Montego Bay Convention Center) ,
  • Best Caribbean Hotel Brand (Sandals Resorts International),
  • Best Historic Caribbean Attraction (Port of Falmouth),
  • Best Caribbean Suites Hotel and Best Jamaica Hotel,
  • Best Golden Boutique Hotel,
  • Best Caribbean Car Rental (Avis),
  • Best Caribbean Resort (Trafalgar Travel),
  • Best Caribbean Resort (Sandals Grande Riviera Beach & Villa Golf Resort),
  • Best Caribbean Villas Resort (Round Hill),
  • Best Caribbean Villa (Ian Fleming Villa in GoldenEye) ,
  • Best Caribbean Tour Operator (GO! Jamaica Travel),
  • Best Jamaica Conference Hotel (Half Moon),
  • Best Resort in Jamaica (Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa),
  • Best Caribbean Boutique Hotel and Best Spa Resort in Jamaica Hotel),
  • Best Boutique Hotel in Jamaica (Strawberry Hill),
  • Best Business Hotel in Jamaica (Spanish Court) and Best Car Rental in Jamaica (Island Car Rentals).
  • Best Villa in the Caribbean (Ian Fleming’s GoldenEye Villa),
  • Best Caribbean Tour Operator (GO! Jamaica Travel),
  • Best Jamaica Conference Hotel (Half Moon),
  • Best Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa,
  • Best Boutique Hotel in the Caribbean and Best Spa Resort in Jamaica (Rockhouse Hotel),
  • Best Boutique Hotel in Jamaica.


Know the main world customs at lunch time


With cutlery or with your hands?

To serve oneself or to wait for them to do so?

Tipping or not?

We list the gold standards that you must meet when trying bite in different parts of the planet.

– Cutting the paste with a knife is very bad education.
– Do not eat bread next to the pasta.

– The tacos are eaten with the hands.
– Say “good benefit” to the diners with whom you cross glances.

– If you want to try bread, do not do it before or after the dishes in the background.
– That a person pay the bill and then arrange with the other travelers.
– Do not talk about your bills while you eat.

– It is very common to take soup and for this they do not use spoons, they usually suck the liquid directly from the bowl.
– The longer you sip the soup, the greater the gratitude to the person who prepared it.
– First serve the drink to whoever is next to you and wait for this sign of approval to continue.
– When using sticks, avoid licking them and placing them vertically into the rice bowl.

– As you feed, rest both wrists on the edge of the table.
– In this country, vodka is the perfect invitation to start a friendship.

– Order the food in sources to share.
– Burping is the best way to thank for the food.
– In China it is allowed to speak with a full mouth.
– It is not common to tip, unless it is a 5 star restaurant.
– Do not put the chopsticks into the bowls, it is considered unlucky.


Top destinations to travel alone

If you are planning to travel alone and you have no idea which is the best place to do it, the editors of Travel + Leisure magazine recognized New Zealand as the best country to travel alone.In this destination you can walk through glaciers, rainforests, bungee jumping, boat ride and meet the most friendly and kind people in the world.

While it is important to take safety into account when traveling, in this country you will not find any objection.
In addition to making you feel welcome, you will be able to interact easily with the locals without feeling like a stranger.

Here are the top 10 countries to travel alone according to Travel + Leisure:

1. New Zealand
2. Norway
3. Switzerland
4. Costa Rica
5. Austria
6. Vietnam
7. Chile
8. Tie: Japan and Sweden
9. Indonesia
10. Germany

Next Gorilla birth in Busch Gardens


Busch Gardens today announced that a 12-year-old eastern plain gorilla named Pele is pregnant and will give birth later this year. With a gestation period of 8 months and a half, Pele is expected to give birth in November 2014.

This pregnancy is part of Busch Gardens’ participation in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and the Species Survival Plan (SSP). The SSP’s mission is to cooperate to preserve threatened or endangered species within facilities accredited by AZA. Currently the Eastern Plain Gorillas are in danger of extinction.

Pele arrived in Busch Gardens in February 2010 at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas. He quickly joined the park’s gorilla pack, and Bolingo, one of Busch Gardens’s male gorillas, became his companion. Bolingo was born in November 2005 in Busch Gardens, becoming the first successful gorilla birth in the park’s history.

Both Pele and Bolingo, along with other Busch Gardens gorillas, can be seen at the Myombe Reserve in the park. Pele will continue to be seen by the guests until giving birth.

Since 2004 Busch Gardens has supported the Mbeli Bai study of eastern lowland gorillas in the remote region of the Nouabale-Ndoki National Park in the Congo jungle in Africa. The project is supported through the Conservation Fund of SeaWorld and Busch Gardens and is coordinated by the Wildlife Conservation Society. The focus of the study on the rarity of ecology and the social behavior of the eastern lowland gorillas has allowed the collection of innovative and fascinating data on this species in danger of extinction.


Aeromexico allows the use of gadgets during the flight


Starting this month, Aeromexico joins airlines that allow the use of electronic devices in all phases of the flight, the company announced.”Aeromexico, Mexico’s largest airline, announces that as of September, mobile electronic devices such as tablets, e-books, video games, digital music players and smartphones can be powered on throughout the flight, provided when the data transmission functions are deactivated or in ‘flight mode’, “the airline said in a statement.

Corneel Koster, executive director of operations, maintenance and experience, said that the use of electronic devices on board throughout the flight means a technological breakthrough for the airline, joining leading airlines around the world in allowing this measure.

“This is great news for our customers, who will not have to interrupt their work or personal entertainment at any time of the flight,” said the manager.

Last year, the US Federal Aviation Administration announced that passengers were allowed to use mobile devices in all phases of flight, except calls.


Traveling Abroad – Tips to avoid the use of roaming


In mobile telephony, roaming is the ability to send and receive calls in mobile networks outside the local service area of the company itself, that is, within the service area of another company in the same country, or during a stay in another country, with the network of a foreign company. Turn off the data connection.

It is advisable to completely turn off data usage and activate it when you are going to use it because if you are in border areas, you could connect to a network with a better signal than yours.

Avoid downloading and / or updating applications, as well as games that consume data. You must use the social networks as little as possible and when verifying your email, it is not recommended to open the attachments since it implies an additional download of data.

Disable the roaming service

To activate it you have to call your telephone operator. Once the operation is done you will receive a message that will notify you that you are already discharged.

Although it is easy to control the calls, it is not the same if you have contracted a data plan, since the cell phone can download mails, applications updates or receive messages without you realize. It is advisable to deactivate the data data and the 3G connection

Connect to public Wi-Fi

Connect to public networks such as your hotel or a mall. In this way, you can communicate freely and without worry through instant messaging applications, video calls, send files, photos and videos.

Buy a prepaid chip

You need to approach a specialized store and purchase a SIM card and give your new number to your contacts. It is an easy and simple operation that will allow to move around the country freely.


Experts tell us how to overcome the fear of traveling by plane


Recent events have made more than one passenger nervous Traveling by plane is relatively safe, however recent aircraft incidents – Malaysia Airlines – have generated some paranoia in travelers.

In the world there are millions of people who refuse to take a flight, because the phobia they suffer generates them a strong anxiety.

However the Yahoo site, according to the opinion of psychologists, it is possible to manage to leave the fear behind and get on an airplane by making the following recommendations:

Avoid the news. Seeing news about aircraft accidents only reinforces the fear of flying, the same happens with movies, so it is recommended to watch programming with another theme.

Remember the odds. You are more likely to fall into the tub and die, than to lose sight in a plane crash. According to experts the possibility of having a fatal air crash is 1 in 11 million to 1 in 29.4 million.

Think positive. Try not to say phrases such as “I’m a bundle of nerves or I’m going to have a stroke” because it could generate more anxiety.

Concentrate on relaxation techniques. Carrying a good breath will help the activation of the nervous system and maintain the heart rate.

Break it down. Take books, magazines, iPads or video games or your pet, as they will keep you busy and contribute to lower the level of anxiety. Seek support. The fear of flying can be overcome, so it is recommended to attend a psychological therapy to take the appropriate treatment.


Tips for travel for the elderly


Consult your doctor if you need an extra prescription, ask about medication for dizziness in case you travel by boat and check vaccines are some of the suggestions. Learning new directions, being distracted and resting are good at any age. Therefore, going on a trip is one of the best medicines for the mind and body of the elderly.

What should people over 65 have in mind when traveling? Besides fate, peace of mind and safety are important. To enjoy the most of this vacation without problems, you must have everything organized including health related.

Here are some valuable tips for the preparations:

1. Ask your doctor what medications to take, the dose, the times and their generic equivalents. It is imperative to have a list of all prescription drugs, depending on your health condition, specifying the side effects they may cause.

2. Make a note with the full name, address and emergency telephone number of the general practitioner or specialist, as well as a close relative, who in turn has all the clinical information and that of your doctors. This will serve as a link for any management that has to be done.

3. In case of long trips: consult with your doctor if you need to have an extra prescription in case you need to buy medication, such as maintenance for pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, among others. Make sure you have enough medicine for the time you are going to be traveling and so do not interrupt your treatment.

4. If you have varicose or diabetes conditions, cardiovascular problems or have recently had surgery, share with your doctor the destination you will visit, the travel times you will be sitting, and ask what exercises you should do or what medications you can take; to avoid clots by being long immobile, flying, sailing or in a land transport.

5. Activate traveler’s insurance, if you do not have it, ask your travel agent what types of decks and in which destinations are available. In addition, before going on a trip orientate with your health insurer, what kind of cover you have in case of emergency or emergency outside the country.

6. Cruises are a good alternative, especially in large groups. Make sure you talk to your doctor about anti-dizziness medications and how they may have side effects with any other medications you are taking.

7. If you are diabetic and you use insulin: be sure to bring the supplies you need, the vials and the glucose monitor; remember the stockings and special shoes and above all always take care of your diet. Keep doing your exercises during your holidays, even if they are daily walks of 10 to 20 minutes.

8. If you have hypertension, remember to bring your blood pressure monitor and medications.

9. Consult with your doctor the vaccines you need to reinforce and if any special vaccine is recommended for the destination you travel to.

10. Pack clothing according to season and destination. Weather and temperature changes can cause flu that could affect your holiday and those of your family or friends.

In case you visit places in the winter, fall or spring seasons, be sure to wear coats, scarves, gloves, socks, comfortable and warm shoes; and medicines against colds, if necessary.

If you are on the coast, enjoy a good walk by the sea, explore the cities in your path, observe nature and make new friends, take relaxation classes offered in hotels or resorts.