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Aeromexico allows the use of gadgets during the flight


Starting this month, Aeromexico joins airlines that allow the use of electronic devices in all phases of the flight, the company announced.”Aeromexico, Mexico’s largest airline, announces that as of September, mobile electronic devices such as tablets, e-books, video games, digital music players and smartphones can be powered on throughout the flight, provided when the data transmission functions are deactivated or in ‘flight mode’, “the airline said in a statement.

Corneel Koster, executive director of operations, maintenance and experience, said that the use of electronic devices on board throughout the flight means a technological breakthrough for the airline, joining leading airlines around the world in allowing this measure.

“This is great news for our customers, who will not have to interrupt their work or personal entertainment at any time of the flight,” said the manager.

Last year, the US Federal Aviation Administration announced that passengers were allowed to use mobile devices in all phases of flight, except calls.