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Tips for traveling in the smartest, safest and most economical way


Today no one, not even those living in apartments are free of a robbery. Therefore, it is okay to take certain measures. You can leave valuables where family members, lights and radio to think that there is someone at home, or if you have insurance, take an inventory of your belongings so you can claim later.

You can buy a hidden wallet to save your money and passport, and put it very close to you all the time. You can also use a rubber lock for the door of your room and you will feel safer at night. For all the fans of the purchases during the trips, many times they become torture to close the suitcase with the passage of the days.

With regard to the airport, the situation becomes stressful, as there is the need to put on 10 layers of clothing to be able to meet the maximum weight established per person. If this situation seems familiar, forget about the extra weight and send your purchases directly to your home country from the same store.

For this you have to pay an extra fee, but in many cases it will be worth it. In many clothing stores and supermarkets they sell container kits for shampoo, creams, toothpaste and other everyday products. These tubes are simply magical, and most important, weigh in total the same that you could weigh only one of those products in its normal version.

They will not be confiscated at the airport and the chances of it spilling into your suitcase and leaving everything sticky, are minor because of its small size. If you are an inexperienced traveler, then you have to pay close attention to this list.

It will get you out of trouble and make your experience far from home, something unique and addictive. Get ready to travel smart, safe economy with these incredible tips! You can prepare the trip in advance, jot down the best places to eat or sleep.

However, many times there are unforeseen and it is right in such situations when a phone or computer and internet, can become your most important tool. Important words in the local language, directions or the best panoramas to do on your personal screen.