Ways to keep your suitcase safe while Traveling


When not always in sight, we must find a way to ensure the best possible our luggage and personal belongings, a report on a television show showed how a passenger can become a burrier without knowing it when the ticket of his suitcase is removed and placed in another one that loads a large amount of drug inside once the luggage has been checked in the counter.

This leaves the traveler not only with a luggage that can be lost easily but also, in the worst case, with a high chance of having a bad time if the illegal content of the fake case is discovered.

Nobody is free of anything that happens to your luggage from this type of substitutions until theft.

That’s why we give you five recommendations to feel a little more calm when sending your suitcase to the cellar.

1. Take a picture with her
In the aforementioned report, the police recommend before taking the suitcase in the hands of the airline to take a picture next to the suitcase and that the check ticket number of the suitcase can be read. That way you will have a test when trying to prove which suitcase is yours in any uncomfortable situation.

2. Make it lining
In the airports there are people in charge of lining the bags with plastic as a way of protection in case they want to open or cut them. It is an expense that not many want to take but can be very useful. Think about it next time.

3. Choose a model without locks and keys
In a previous note we show you how easy it is to open a suitcase that is only protected with a padlock. Next time you go shopping for luggage, look for a model that has no zippers and is protected with a key. The luggage of a harder material and difficult to cut is another option.

4. Put some kind of detail that allows you to identify it easily
Identification tags on the suitcases are no longer enough to secure them. Hang some ribbon of a bright color or some sticker that makes it easier for you to recognize it. Not only will this save you time when picking up your luggage at your destination, but it will be easier to find it in case it is lost or there is some confusion.

5. Have a list of everything packed
Keep in your hand luggage a list of the things you have put in the suitcase that travels in the cellar and if possible, take a picture of the interior when you close it. In case you are robbed, you will be able to quickly realize or to be aware of some object that does not belong to you.