Traveling Abroad – Tips to avoid the use of roaming


In mobile telephony, roaming is the ability to send and receive calls in mobile networks outside the local service area of the company itself, that is, within the service area of another company in the same country, or during a stay in another country, with the network of a foreign company. Turn off the data connection.

It is advisable to completely turn off data usage and activate it when you are going to use it because if you are in border areas, you could connect to a network with a better signal than yours.

Avoid downloading and / or updating applications, as well as games that consume data. You must use the social networks as little as possible and when verifying your email, it is not recommended to open the attachments since it implies an additional download of data.

Disable the roaming service

To activate it you have to call your telephone operator. Once the operation is done you will receive a message that will notify you that you are already discharged.

Although it is easy to control the calls, it is not the same if you have contracted a data plan, since the cell phone can download mails, applications updates or receive messages without you realize. It is advisable to deactivate the data data and the 3G connection

Connect to public Wi-Fi

Connect to public networks such as your hotel or a mall. In this way, you can communicate freely and without worry through instant messaging applications, video calls, send files, photos and videos.

Buy a prepaid chip

You need to approach a specialized store and purchase a SIM card and give your new number to your contacts. It is an easy and simple operation that will allow to move around the country freely.