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Know the main world customs at lunch time


With cutlery or with your hands?

To serve oneself or to wait for them to do so?

Tipping or not?

We list the gold standards that you must meet when trying bite in different parts of the planet.

– Cutting the paste with a knife is very bad education.
– Do not eat bread next to the pasta.

– The tacos are eaten with the hands.
– Say “good benefit” to the diners with whom you cross glances.

– If you want to try bread, do not do it before or after the dishes in the background.
– That a person pay the bill and then arrange with the other travelers.
– Do not talk about your bills while you eat.

– It is very common to take soup and for this they do not use spoons, they usually suck the liquid directly from the bowl.
– The longer you sip the soup, the greater the gratitude to the person who prepared it.
– First serve the drink to whoever is next to you and wait for this sign of approval to continue.
– When using sticks, avoid licking them and placing them vertically into the rice bowl.

– As you feed, rest both wrists on the edge of the table.
– In this country, vodka is the perfect invitation to start a friendship.

– Order the food in sources to share.
– Burping is the best way to thank for the food.
– In China it is allowed to speak with a full mouth.
– It is not common to tip, unless it is a 5 star restaurant.
– Do not put the chopsticks into the bowls, it is considered unlucky.