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Experts tell us how to overcome the fear of traveling by plane


Recent events have made more than one passenger nervous Traveling by plane is relatively safe, however recent aircraft incidents – Malaysia Airlines – have generated some paranoia in travelers.

In the world there are millions of people who refuse to take a flight, because the phobia they suffer generates them a strong anxiety.

However the Yahoo site, according to the opinion of psychologists, it is possible to manage to leave the fear behind and get on an airplane by making the following recommendations:

Avoid the news. Seeing news about aircraft accidents only reinforces the fear of flying, the same happens with movies, so it is recommended to watch programming with another theme.

Remember the odds. You are more likely to fall into the tub and die, than to lose sight in a plane crash. According to experts the possibility of having a fatal air crash is 1 in 11 million to 1 in 29.4 million.

Think positive. Try not to say phrases such as “I’m a bundle of nerves or I’m going to have a stroke” because it could generate more anxiety.

Concentrate on relaxation techniques. Carrying a good breath will help the activation of the nervous system and maintain the heart rate.

Break it down. Take books, magazines, iPads or video games or your pet, as they will keep you busy and contribute to lower the level of anxiety. Seek support. The fear of flying can be overcome, so it is recommended to attend a psychological therapy to take the appropriate treatment.